Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ode to My New Vacuum

The German Shepherd-sized dust bunnies were really bad.
For my birthday I received a new vacuum from my dad.
With incredible suction and cyclonic action
The dust bunnies will never again gain traction
Of the now fabulously clean floor I'm a loover
And I owe it all to the Agility of Hoover.
The last line in my poem isn't just referring to the agility of the vacuum that runs itself (the motorized head pulls forward, so vacuuming is lots easier), but also refers to the model of the vacuum.  It's a Hoover Agility with cyclonic action.  
I'm not meaning for this post to sound like a commercial, honestly.  But I do want to say that my new vacuum really does work well.  I can't believe how much dust and hair it picks up. I vacuumed up the house today and the carpet (which looked more like my dog than a rug) now looks like a carpet again.  My only quibble is the dust cup is hard to empty.  But hey, after not having a vacuum for a few weeks since our last one died, I'm not complaining. And I would gladly deal with the dust cup any day over having to buy new bags all of the time.  Well worth the money savings, believe me, when you have a German Shepherd and two kitties that shed bucket-loads year-round.  With a few weeks worth of fur build-up, I was concerned that the vacuum would clog up; it didn't.  Worked like a charm!
Most people probably wouldn't have asked for a vacuum for their birthday, but I did.  And my dad, rather than get me something fun and lighthearted got me what I asked for.  I'm so glad he did, because I really, really wanted one.  What type of person asks for a vacuum for their birthday?  Well, one who needs one like I did, I suspect . 
So, yeah.  Thanks, Dad!!  An awesome birthday present and I'm sooo happy I got it.   :)