Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Goodies

For someone trying to eat right and get back in shape, the holidays are a huge struggle.  Everywhere I go, I am inundated with yummy food smells, tempted with delicious candies and cookies, and am desperately trying to maintain control over my will.  It doesn't help that I'm making goodies (because in my family I'm world-famous for them) to give out to my extended family for Christmas presents.  I mean, I have to sample the goods I bake for quality control, right?  Actually, I don't.  My kiddos are eager volunteers for QC.  But still, it is hard not to indulge.

People say that it is okay to eat goodies in moderation, but this time of year there is no such thing as moderation!  I'm surrounded by mountains of chocolate!  This year I'm managing to control my portions much more so than in years past, but it is sooo hard.  My diet is pretty flexible, but also very rigid at the same time.  I can eat pretty much whatever I want, as long as I eat the proper proportions of different types of energy sources, i.e. fats/carbs/proteins with each meal.  It has become ingrained for me to mentally calculate what is in different foods so that I can keep to the proper ratios.

So, I can't help but think of all the fat and sugar I'm consuming when I eat a holiday cookie or bit of chocolate and it is depressing.  With such high carb/fat types of foods, it is very difficult to balance with other healthy stuff to get what I need.  I know from personal experience that when I'm discouraged and depressed I eat more, which of course means that eating anything "bad" in the first place means a downward spiral of eating more.  Grr. 

This is, in part, a mental block. I wish I knew how to break the "I feel bad" and the "I should eat something" link, but I haven't figured it out.  Logically, I know the problem, but the logic can't seem to override the emotion.  Yet.  I'm working on it.

My being discouraged by eating the wrong proportions of foods is also a problem of education.  I'm still figuring out how to eat properly according to my books (The Zone books by Dr. Barry Sears) and it is an issue of continual practice and better understanding.  So I'm fighting and trying, but it is frustrating nonetheless.  I suspect by next year I'll have a much better handle on how to eat properly, but that doesn't help me in the meantime.

Despite the temptations from the goodies and whatnot, I've still managed to lose weight this month.  It's going slower, but it's still happening. Total loss since the beginning of October is 22 lbs.  My grand total is 28 lbs. off my heaviest weight!  So I'm pleased I'm still making some progress.  I think next month things will pick back up again as all the holiday parties are behind me and I can focus a little more easily on what I'm doing.