Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Phil Anderson's Film Project

Phil (L) and Wild Bill (R).
Tuesday I spent the day with Phil Anderson, John Hart, and Wild Bill Adams filming a spec commercial for Phil's reel.  It was fun because we got to spend the day outdoors at Alpenrose Dairy at their bicycle velodrome (who knew they had a velodrome?).  For those of you who might not be sure what that is, a velodrome is one of those tracks that tilt at crazy angles on the curves and centrifugal force keeps the bikes from crashing to the pavement as the riders go around them.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera this time around, so I'm posting a pic from Craig Werner's Delayed Justice shoot that we all worked on back in July 2011 so you can see who I'm gabbing about.

I sure wish I had brought my camera, though.  Phil had a couple of internationally known racing cyclists there.  Kirk Whiteman apparently he has been racing internationally for over 25 years.  For the last 11 years he has been a trainer as well and now he has his own team.  One of the women he coaches, Nissy Cobb, was there and he said she is one of the fastest female cyclists in America right now.  I looked up Kirk on the web and found a couple of interesting links.  This guy is good!  He's 46 years old and still beating the hell out of the competition.  First place in the sprints for the USA Cycling Masters Track Nationals this year!  Go Kirk!  I feel honored to have gotten to meet he and Nissy both.

Anyhow, both were riding their super uber expensive bicycles around the velodrome and it was a treat to watch, let alone film.   Their idea of a slow, take-it-easy kind of speed is 18-20 mph.  Hah!  Ten mph is a fast speed for me!  But I shouldn't be surprised.  Top bicycle racers can do 40+ mph.  They were trying to take it a little slow because the velodrome was a bit slippery due to moisture and leaves drifting about. 

We filmed them for much of the afternoon and I got the icicle butt syndrome.  That is, when I am outside in the cold for very long, my butt and hips turn into an icicle.  Even with long johns on (and boy, am I glad I wore them today or else it would have been worse)!  Which is no wonder, because it never got above 36 degrees Fahrenheit today.  I have been home for about two hours now and my heinie is still not quite thawed out.  But the rest of me was pretty toasty while we were out there; I even loaned my gloves to someone else whose hands were cold.

I felt sorry for Kirk and Nissy, though.  They were out in the same weather we were, but in much thinner bicycling gear.  Sure, they were doing laps occasionally trying to keep warm, but there were stretches where we were having them stay in one place to get this or that shot or adjusting the cameras on their bikes or whatnot and I sure hope they weren't freezing as much as my butt was!

Instead of being a P.A., which sounds all fancy, I should have the official title of Schlepper. 'Cuz that's what I was really doing.  Schlepping things, holding reflectors and what not.  Phil was calling me Holly the Kung Fu Grip for a while, since I was hauling around the sandbag and affixing it to the tripod, but I still say I was really just schlepping.  All in all, it was a cold, but fun day meeting new folks, hanging out with filmmaker friends and schlepping film equipment.