Friday, November 25, 2011

TDC's Thanksgiving Edition

My thirty day challenges got put on hold for several days this week.  I came down with a cold out of the blue on Saturday, which made me miss my Aunt and Uncle's anniversary party, which I had been looking forward to.  Stupid cold hit me pretty hard and I've been suffering with it ever since.  No energy, sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose--you know the drill.  Bleah.

I've felt too shitty to do any walking, too shitty to do much writing, too shitty to do much of anything, actually, but I have at least managed to get my blogs done.  Wednesday, I spent much of the afternoon at my dad's house making pies and prepping for Thanksgiving. 

Who is that masked baker?
The whole wheat boules I made.  Too pretty to eat!
In all honesty, though, I wasn't the only person to cook on Wednesday.  Actually, for the first time that I can recall in a very long time, my son actually was taking an interest in all things related to baking.  In this case, specifically relating to making the pies.  Under my supervision, he made the pumpkin pies, rolled out the crust for the peach pie, made the crust for the pecan pie, and he mixed up the peaches/sugar/cinnamon/flour mix for the filling.  He also made the crumb topping, as well.  It was kinda fun getting to show him how to bake stuff.  I even showed off a little and demonstrated how to crack eggs one handed, with one egg in each hand.  But for one of the eggs I got a piece of shell in the bowl.  D'oh!  Teaches me for showing off.  He just laughed with me.   It was nice to do the bonding thing in the kitchen with him.

But several hours, lunch, four pies, boiling eggs so I can make deviled eggs the next day, a double batch of bread, pumpkin pancakes for dinner and lots and lots of dishes later and I was exhausted.  When I got home, I drank some Nyquil, flopped on my bed and was instantly asleep.

Then I woke up a few hours after that and couldn't get back to sleep.  Which was great, because I had to get up early, pop the ham in the oven, form the bread loaves and bake them, make the veggie dishes, make the deviled eggs, the stuffing, and gravy.  Micah made the mooshed potatoes and the green bean casserole, so at least I didn't have to do that.

Before I could do anything, I had to sit on Dad's couch for a while with a cup of java in hand. I never drink coffee.  I think the Nyquil I took messed me up.  I was tired loopy.  So I got a slow start that morning, and as a result, we didn't get to eat dinner until about 6pm. 

Micah made the green beans, and while he was working on them, I peeled potatoes and popped them in to boil for him.  Once they were nice and soft, he smooshed them and made some lovely mashed potatoes.  

She's wearing her new glasses!
Willow helped me make mix up the deviled eggs.  She loves deviled eggs! She was worried, because I showed her how I put horseradish in, and she was afraid it would be spicy.  I assured her it wouldn't.  She trusted me, and after they were all done and taste tested, she was all smiles!  (She also thought my little trick with using a plastic sandwich bag as a pastry bag as a no muss no fuss easy cleanup system for plopping yolk goop in each egg half was pretty smart.  Isn't it great how little kids are impressed by the things we know?  I'm going to miss it when she gets to the age where she thinks she knows everything.)

Dinner was excellent!  The ham, the squished potatoes and the pecan pie were my favorite parts of the meal.

One of our family friends, Marrla, and her mother and her friend came over for dinner, too, so we got to visit with them and swap our fun stories from youth.  Tales of daredevil stupidity, playing with explosives, getting in trouble, and other fun stuff of the "thank God I didn't die from that" variety.  We talked politics, we talked jobs and generally had a good time socializing.

Confessions of a Nyquil zombie
But after all of that, I'm pooped!  Of all the weeks of the year, why does it have to be the week of Thanksgiving that I get sick?  The week that I am busiest trying to cook for family and guests?

Oh well. I managed.

I was thankful for the company of my family and friends, even if I was sick and crabby.

I'm thankful for a meal my whole family got together to work on--even my kids.  Hubby, me, David, Willow--we all played a part in the making of dinner and dessert.  That was freakin' awesome and I think the first time that has ever happened.  It was lovely.

I was thankful for having plenty of food on the table, even if we couldn't afford a turkey.

I was thankful that I didn't have to do the cleanup!  Marrla and her mom whisked into the kitchen and my dad followed after to do the cleanup.  That was nice, too.

I'm thankful that I'm going to be indoors all day today so that I get to avoid the crazy Black Friday shoppers (shopping on Black Friday is a phenomenon I will never do nor ever care to understand).

And I'll be especially thankful when this damn cold goes away so I can get the energy to go back to work on my walking and my other TDC* stuff I need to get done!  :)

*TDC=Thirty Day Challenges.  Click here for more info.