Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brave, Angry Young Woman

There are multiple copies of this video on youtube, and the earliest I can find was from back in 2008.  So her message was delivered sometime before then.  Yet I think people in positions of power are listening even less.
She calls herself a child in this video titled "The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes", but she is more adult than many of the politicians we have.  She is thinking far ahead into her future and into the futures of any children she may have and their children.

Our politicians and government should be doing the same, but they don't.  They tend to think in the here and now.   Because the people who vote want things in the here and now. Not 20 years from now.  We people are a short-sighted bunch, as a whole, I think.  And politicians try to give us what we want (or what they think we want).

So while her speech was addressed to the United Nations, I think everybody really needs to pay attention.  Not just the politicians.  We all need to start thinking about our future.  What can we ALL do?