Friday, November 4, 2011

October Thirty Day Challenge Recap and November's TDCs

Got my sights set on November's TDC's!
October has passed and so has my very first stab at carrying out my thirty day challenges.  My challenges were to 1) take a picture of something everyday, 2) walk every day, 3) write 1000 words a day, 4) read at least 60 pages a day, 5) finish a chore a day, and 6) figure out how to schedule all of this and try and stick to the schedule.

Well....suffice it to say that my attempts to fulfill all of these failed miserably.  However, I'm not looking at this as a glass half empty sort of thing.  I'm looking at it more optimistically than that.

First, I took dozens of pictures I wouldn't have taken otherwise and I remembered to carry my camera around with me more, so that I might take pictures at good moments.  That's half the battle of taking good pictures--having your camera with you!

Second, I learned to listen to my body in my attempts at walking and learned to not overdo it.  I was pushing myself too far too fast.  I was too damn fat and my hips, feet and most especially my back just couldn't handle it yet.  So I started working on weight loss and diet and put myself in the Zone.  I've lost 21 pounds total and I have more energy.  I think I can add walking to my list of November goals with a lot less complications and I will know not to push myself to far too fast.

Third, I wrote about 7500 words.  That's far short of the 30,000 goal, but that is 7500 more than I had before!

Fourth, I read more like 120 words a day on average and finished several books, both fiction and non-fiction. Yay me!  I'm learning lots!

Fifth, I got a ton of chores done around the house.  It's looking soooo much better.  I didn't get all of them on my list done, but I figure I'll continue my chore list on into November.  With my house and my room being cleaner, I feel so much better and happier.  It's amazing how clutter can make me feel so anxious.

Sixth, my scheduling needs to be revamped.  I had a hard time adhering to it.  Part of it is because I have turned into such a night owl that starting so early seems to be giving me conniptions.  But that's just a matter of tweaking and learning what works best for me.  I can experiment and am open to trying new things.

The best part about all of this is that it has helped me live in the moment, and has really motivated me to change on a very basic, fundamental level.  It's helped me to really scrutinize my life and question my goals and hopes and dreams for the future.

So, what are my plans for November?

1) November is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month.  I plan to write 50,000 pages in one month.  My whole writing group is, so we have each other for support.  I think that support will be hugely important.

2) Walking will be key.  I pan to walk 4-5 days per week each week, and I would like to be able to work my mileage up to 2 miles per walk by the last week.

3) I will continue to monitor my food intake via logging on Calorie Count.  This site is incredibly awesome and very helpful.  I'll be making a task I started for myself last month an official challenge. 

Only three official things on my list this month, but I'm still working on the dregs of last month's TDC's, what with the chores and whatnot, so it will be more than enough.  Especially combining that with the NaNoWriMo.  Whoa, Nelly, that's a major challenge all by itself!

Wish me luck!