Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Weight Loss

I’ve lost 12 pounds this month so far!  This bring my total weight loss up to 18 pounds from when I weighed the most a few months ago.  YAY!  

As I mentioned in a previous post, this weight loss is another side effect of my enthusiasm for my thirty day challenges and changing the way I do things.  I’ve been logging my food, reading The Zone by Barry Sears, and working very hard to watch what I eat.  I’ve cut out sodium in a big way (MAN, that is HARD—and I don’t even add salt to my food or eat much in pre-packaged foods, either!), cut my portions, and significantly reduced my carbs.  And I have been a good girl, declining offers of tempting yummy bad-for-me stuff.  A sales lady at Fred Meyer actually offered to let me try one of their truffles (not just a chunk, but an entire truffle, mind you) and I turned her down.  Oooh, but I wanted one of those chocolates!  She congratulated me on my willpower and said she couldn’t have done it.  That made me smile at least.

I know people can eat that stuff in moderation.  Eventually, I will be able to do that.  In fact, when I’m seriously eating healthy, I really don’t desire sugary sweet stuff anymore.  It just doesn’t look all that good.  I remember the last time I ate really well and was in good shape—the thought of eating donuts or candy sort of squicked me out.  I’ll get there eventually.  But in the meantime, I dare not eat that stuff because it starts a chain reaction for me.  Oh, I’ll just have this little thing, it won’t hurt.  A little bit of that won’t hurt, either.  Ooh, and some of this looks good, too.  Next thing you know, I’m eating like crap again.

Watching the scale number getting smaller is a nice way to keep up my motivation.  That and my obsession with projects.  Logging food has become a fun project, as has losing weight.  None of this is on my list of my thirty day challenges, but I’ve been so motivated to do stuff, it just sort of….happened.  I’m glad it did.  It’s overdue, quite honestly.  I need to shed the excess fat and get in shape again.  So I plan to be sticking with this for some time to come.