Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting S*** Done

My Luna kitty snoozing on my freshly made bed. 
My TDC has gone in directions I didn’t expect, as I have said before.  Quite honestly, I’m doing lousy at the actual challenges I set out for myself.  Well, half lousy, anyway.  Or maybe  should say I’m doing half great?  Perhaps I should look at it as if the glass is half full.  I say that because while I am forgetful and don’t do everything every day, I have been working on everything in bits and starts more than I have in forever and have gotten tons of stuff done.

For example: the chores I set up for myself.  I get started on them and… my nature takes hold.  When I get started on a project, I have a REALLY hard time stopping.  So when I started filing a few days ago, I couldn’t make myself quit.  After two long days of 8-9 hours or so each of filing, plus another day off and on, I finally stopped.  Another evening of filing, and I'm finally done. (I did say it had been years since I’ve done my filing...yeesh.  I will NEVER let it get that bad again!) I’m a bit filed out at the moment, and nursing some serious hangnails.  After a while I had to file with a bandage on my thumb because the paper kept nicking me.  War wounds, I tell you…

And then last night  I was up until 4 in the morning reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, because my daughter had checked it out of her library and it was due back.  I had been reading around 60 pages of it a day or so and had gotten to page 324 when my daughter informed me of this.  So I stayed up and finished the darn thing.  I read about 570 pages last night total, counting the stuff I read before she got home yesterday.
Bleah.  Staying up late like that, reading a Harry Potter book seriously screws up my schedule.

So my natural inclination to be obsessive about finishing tasks tends to take over and completely ruins my schedule.  But, I soldier on anyway and I’m still trying to carry out my thirty day challenges.
This month I have made my bed every single day since my room got rearranged.  It wasn’t one of my challenges, but it is a side effect of me getting all motivated, and nothing I ever thought about doing.  But since my room looks so nice and organized now, I feel guilty if I don’t make it.

When the side effects of the challenges (like making my bed) distract me from time to time, I don’t much mind the distractions.  They’re nice, too.  I get shit done!