Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weight Loss

Well, I'm still having difficulty with the walking around and my general fitness and activity level.  However, I HAVE been working on my food--eating less, portion control, and all that jazz.  As a result, I've lost 10 pounds so far off my heaviest weight.  Whee!

I figure I have another 15-20 pounds to lose before I can get back to where I could walk around without my back complaining so quickly.  It will still hurt at that point, just not as much and I know I could really start walking a lot more easily.  I've done it before at that weight.

Sooo...hopefully just another couple of months to me feeling a lot better.  More energized and so on...

Why does gaining weight have to be so easy and losing it so goddamn hard?  I suppose that's the story for a lot of men and women, but I tell you sometimes it feels like it is especially true for me.  It sure is a major pain in the patella!*

Grumble grumble grumble.

*Yes, I know the patella is the kneecap.  Sure, I know most people say pain in the ass.  I chose patella for a couple of reasons.  This phrase is accurate because of my joint pain from being morbidly obese (though my hips and back bother me even more).  Pain in the hips doesn't have the same ring.  Pain in the patella is nicely alliterative.  :)

Table Reading of Don't Go Outside

Don't Go Outside is a vampire horror script I wrote.  I finished the first full-length draft back in February and I've been letting it digest since then.  I find that when I write,  whether it be short stories, novel chapters, scripts, what-have-you it always does me good to shelve what I wrote after I'm finished.  I need to wait for a good few weeks to a few months so that when I go back to it, I can look at it with fresh eyes.  Often, what once seemed like it was sooo good to me now sounds like crap and I wonder what the heck I wrote that section or this section for.  It's a good thing, really, though sometimes a painful process.

Since I finished my first draft back in February, it's been more than a few months.  The story has been percolating in my brain and I've realized some story plot holes and things that need fixing.  It's time to do a table reading.  Time to have a bunch of people take different parts in my script, read them out loud (completely cold--no one is allowed to read the script beforehand).  That way, since it is new and unfamiliar to the readers when it is read out loud, it will be much easier to see where the dialogue is off, where stuff doesn't make sense to the participants, and afterwards they can all pick it apart and trash it for me, plus give me the good news (there's gotta be some good news in there somewhere, lol!). 

I did something similar for my Nine Levels and Prognosis short scripts, and I think the process helped those scripts in very dramatic ways.

I  can't wait to get a venue in order, because once I do, I know a bunch of folks who would be willing to read it.  I just need to find a place that doesn't mind 10 or so people hanging out for 4+ hours and is quiet so we can hear each other without outside distraction.  I've had a couple of offers for locations, and I've emailed them, but I'm waiting to hear back from them. 

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes!  I can't wait.  Table reads can be lots of fun, even if they can be simultaneously draining.