Friday, August 26, 2011

Micah's Birthday

Micah turned 44 last Saturday.  Of course, if you listen to him tell it, I turned 44 and he is the one who is still 40 years old.  Hah!

It's amazing how company coming over kick-starts our latent house-cleaning abilities and we go into overdrive before company shows up.  Anyhow, not only did we get the pig-sty of a house clean, but I made steak bites in the crock pot, baked and frosted a cake, set up the table, got stuff ready for hamburgers, and a bunch of other little things.  All on Sunday morning.  I feel supermom-ish.  The kids were even cooperative and helped.  Even Micah kicked in, even though it was his birthday celebration.  It was nice to have us all working together so cooperatively.  (If only we could do this all the time!  If you have the secret to weekly cooperative family house-cleaning with no bitching or moaning, let me know!)

So our company came over.  My dad was early.  The rest of the guests were a bit late, but that's okay.  It gave us a little more time to get ready.  After we cleaned off the table, we got out the Zombies board game and played like we were shotgun-wielding survivors violently clearing a path to the helipad so we could steal a chopper and flee the zombie hoard and save ourselves.  It was fun!!  And, since it was Micah's birthday, I let him win.  No, really.  I did!

So, here's to being 44, Micah.  Happy birthday!  Another year older and another year wiser.  Conquer your fears, take the reins to your life, and live it up. 

Delayed Justice Premiere

Sunday the 20th happened to by my husband's birthday, but to his credit, he didn't mind that instead of throwing him a birthday party on that day, we threw it the next day so that I could go to a Stumptown Movie Maker's barbecue and watch the premiere of Delayed Justice, the short film I worked on back in July.

The barbecue was fun!  Almost all the cast was there, and a we had a few of the crew and some folks from our Stumptown group there, besides.  Our former Organizer, Marcus Eikenberry, was the host.  It was Marcus's official going away party for our group, too, since he's moving out of state. 

It has occurred to me I need to have a new organizational meetup for Stumptown, since I'm the new Organizer for the group and I know I'm going to need some help.  Time to get crackin' on that...

Anyhoo, the premiere was great and I enjoyed watching how Craig put the edited version together.  It's always fun to see how something I worked on turns out after editing and music and whatnot.  Especially since my position in the crew wasn't involved in the filming or audio, I had no idea how it would look or sound.  I found myself nervous!  I don't know why. I guess for Craig's sake I was crossing my fingers that everything worked out well. 

I didn't have anything to worry about.  It was fine.  He gave all of us who worked on it or were in the cast copies of the film, too. 

I wonder if I'm going to be nervous like this for every film I'm ever involved in?  I know I have been so far, especially my own baby, Prognosis.

One of the nice things about going to the barbecue, too, was the insistence of our hosts to take home leftovers.  Mmmm.  Steak.  :)