Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Filming "Delayed Justice"

This weekend I got to help with the production of the short film Delayed Justice by Craig Werner of Moonrise Productions. I was the script supervisor. Since this was a no-budget sort of production and all of us cast and crew had some title or another, we all pitched in doing stuff that wasn't "our job". If one of us sees that the camera guys need to have the ladder steadied, somebody will jump in and do it. If more light is needed, whoever happens to be closest will often grab a reflector. That's one of the things I like about indie film. Everybody helps everybody else out. It's a lot of fun, it's exhausting, and you get to make new friends!

I got to meet some new folks, one of whom was a former cop. Micah and I will be sure to pick his brains later for a character in a project we are working on...

Here, Eric Vecchi and David Renwick prepare for an overhead shot, while Brighton West helps stabilize the ladder. With a little imagination and very careful shot framing, that fence and gate you see here became the gate to a penitentiary.

David and Eric discuss their next shot, while Aaron O’Connor and Stacy Legg wait to jump in with the boom mike and clapboard at the ready.

Losing light! Toward the end of the first day, we squeezed in as much shooting as we possibly could. As many film productions go, we were behind schedule. But we made up for it the next day, thank goodness! Here, the camera is rolling and Stacy is about to use what I affectionately called the “clapper-slapper” to mark the scene, shot and take. One of the actors, Mike Cahill (who played “Marty”), pitched in and grabbed a reflector. I can’t tell who the other one holding a reflector is. Behind the clapper-slapper is Zhak Polovin, who played the character “Danny.” I think Phil Anderson has another reflector over there on the right, and Aaron’s got the boom. Tim Harrold is in the car. He’s the main character. He played “Ben”. And of course, David is watching the action unfold.

Preparing for Danny’s death scene. Eric is explaining what needs to happen. Zhak and Tim listen up.

Aaron holds the boom mic while David watches over Zhak’s death scene.

Help! I’m in the slammer! With some careful framing, Craig’s homemade prop became the penitentiary.

Craig Werner, the man behind it all, helps Valerie Henry, who played “Elaine”, to get into place on Tim’s lap in the hot tub. David observes, to make sure they remain framed correctly.

All in all, I took a ton of photos and had a great time. Movie making is definitely a process, and one that takes patience. But when things go well and you finally get that shot you've been struggling to get right, the feeling of satisfaction is totally worth it.

As always, I learned a lot this weekend. I learn something new every time I participate in a film. I was glad for the opportunity to be the script supervisor, since that was a crew job that I hadn't done before.

Anyhow, I'll keep y'all posted for when the film is finished and where you can possibly see it. I can't wait to see the finished project myself!