Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doing What I LOVE

I am very excited! I got "hired" to write a short (about 20 minutes) how-to informational script for a fella named Bill Adams. He's a guy with lots of ambition and ideas and we click really really well, which will make working together so much easier and a lot more fun. As he told me, "I wanna be friends with the people I work with. If we ain't havin' fun while we're workin' on this a-here project, then we're doin' somethin' wrong and it ain't worth it."

In chatting with him about the project, I told him that straight how-to is waaay boring. He agreed and showed me his attempt at a first draft at a script before he gave up. He obviously understands that, because his first draft starts off with a bang! It gets the blood and the curiosity going, so we stayed with that. But he didn't know where to go from there, because how to's can end up being so dull, especially if it's some guy with a pointer and a blackboard and he's telling folks how something works. Sooo, I went with my narrative filmmaking training and turned it into a story of sorts and explained how it would work. He loved my idea and said, "You're my writer!"

I took him to my place and showed him my old Oregon history collection and my Oregon Historical Quarterlies, my True West Magazines, and whatnot, and he said, "You really ARE my writer, girl! You know what's goin' on!"

I love listening to him talk. He's an old-timey treasure-hunting gold miner with lots of fun stories. We also seem to be very much in sync. Not five minutes after I finished emailing him my first draft, he called me. I asked him, "So you read the script?" And he replied, "What script?" He hadn't even read it yet! He had called me to tell me about some ideas he had about the project in general.

I'm feeling major fate/karma/destiny/kismet going on. Especially since Monday. Monday we went to a filmmaker's networking fete and chatted with lots of people. A couple of the guys we talked to immediately understood what we were doing, liked it, swapped old gold-panning stories and whatnot with Bill, and said, "I'm in." Now what is the likelihood that in all of this town, we would happen upon the two camera guys who like treasure hunting, gold-mining, adventuring and whatnot? I ask you. It's kismet!

But anyway, Bill went and read my first draft and said he loved it. Yay! We're switching the genders of one of the characters and I added in a teaser for the next movie* at his request, for the second draft. All in all, it's coming along great.

But the best part of all this? This is what I went to school for! To write! To create! To have fun and make a living at doing it. This is awesome!

*Yes, there is going to be a series of these short films, so there is potential for me to be doing this for a while. Squee!