Friday, December 16, 2011

TDC December Update

Planning for my upcoming trip, working on my doc campaign, training, and prepping for Christmas has kept me pretty busy for the last couple of weeks.  Too busy.  I'm getting some of my goals for December done and I managed to get the living room re-arranged finally (which was sort of leftover from my November goals).  So that's good.

It has occurred to me that nitty gritty weekly updates on what I'm doing, especially since it doesn't change much (except at the beginning of the month when I analyze my goals and re-configure them) might get boring.  For some reason, I think people--me included--think their lives are infinitely more interesting to the world than they probably are.  Which is why you can go to most any twitter or facebook account and see all the nitty gritty details of millions of lives every day, right down to what people ate for dinner.  (Tonight my family and I ate tilapia filet sandwiches and carrot chips in fat-free ranch, just in case you were wondering.  You weren't? Oh.  Right-O.)  Yeah.  Anyway, I've realized that my blog doesn't need to do what my facebook page does already. the interest in keeping you, well, interested, I've decided not to put that out there anymore and bore you to death.  I think I will only post about my thirty day challenges when something particularly inspiring or difficult comes up, and when I'm jazzed about the possibilities. 

Now to figure out what to write about on Fridays...  Maybe that will be the day that I update my walking blog, at least until my trip comes around.  Hmm...

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