Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crowd Funding

Being sick sucks.  I have had nooo energy this last week.  I didn't want to do anything that resembled work, so I stayed in bed a lot and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  So productive!

I did, however, do some web surfing about documentary production, since I'm planning on producing a documentary next year.  There's a lot out there!  My biggest issue with my documentary is funding it.  I suspect that is an issue for a lot of filmmakers.  So I looked into crowdfunding and other sources of funding.  A few helpful links:


The above are all crowdfunding sites.  Crowdfunding is where a project is funded by a large number of people.  They aren't investors and do not own the rights to the project they are helping to fund.  Basically, rewards are offered of some kind by the project owners to entice people to donate money, like free copies of the finished film, inclusion in the credits, etc. The above sites allow people who have projects to post them and try to get their projects funded.

I recently got my project pitch accepted by Kickstarter, but now I have to finish making that pitch.  I had no idea what all to include in it, since I've never done one before.  So I've been doing some research on that.  These links have been helpful:


One cool thing I noticed on the Kickstarter site is that the city of Portland is trying to encourage the Portlanders who use Kickstarter to fund their projects.  According to the office of the mayor, Sam Adams:

"Portland is a place where innovators, artists and entrepreneurs thrive in a creative culture fueled by a DIY ethic and a collaborative conscience. In other words, it's a perfect match for Kickstarter. Mayor Sam Adams is pleased to highlight a rotating selection of Portland-based projects united by a theme. All of the projects currently showcased play with the idea of place."

Apparently the theme changes every so often, though I don't know how often.  I wonder if other cities do something similar?  I haven't surfed enough through Kickstarter yet to find out.  I spent way too many hours checking out the different projects, what they were, what they were asking for, what they were offering, and so on, to try to get a better idea of how my project would fit in. I didn't look at anything region specific, but more category specific.

I have a couple of people who have offered to help me make a pitch video, so I plan to get that done soon.  Just as soon as I am feeling human again.

Damn cold.

If you have any links on how to make crowd funding work for you or you know of other sites, please, by all means, add them in the comments section!

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