Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Care And Feeding Of My Grand Experiment, Day One

Nadaka Park trail.

Once I decided on trying out the TED Talks experiment of trying to do a new or different task for 30 days, I had to think a while before I decided what it was exactly that I wanted to do.  There are so many things that I could try, but I wanted to do something that I felt would be a good way to start out.  As I posted before, I was thinking of doing FIVE things, not just one, because I couldn’t decide on just one. 

      Those five things that I was contemplating doing were:

1)   Going for a walk every day
2)      Taking  at least one photo every day
3)      Doing at least one chore I don’t normally do every day
4)      Writing at least 1000 words every day
5)      Reading 60 pages every day

This, of course, got me thinking about how on earth I was going to accomplish all of that, because all of that takes, you know, time.  And probably a lot of it.  I got to thinking about my schedule and how since I’ve graduated, I’ve let all of my organizational and time management skills sort of fester.  I haven’t been using them much.  Why not organize my time again?  I mean, if I could work full time while going to school full time, juggle my homework with having two kids and a husband fresh out of the hospital with a disability—why couldn’t I make all this stuff fit in my certainly un-hectic schedule I have now?

So I sat down and estimated how long I thought each of the above tasks would take, how long it takes to cook meals and eat, and how long it takes to do the other activities in my day.  Once I figured all that out, I wrote up a schedule. 
This means, of course, that I’m actually adding a sixth item to the above list:

6)      Re-acquaint myself with scheduling every day

In addition, I came up with a list of about 50 different chores/tasks that I’ve been putting off/avoiding for months now.  I figured I could do one or more of them each day, as my time allowed.

I had the grand idea that I would start at 7am this morning and I set my alarm so I could.  Unfortunately, I was hit with insomnia again last night (something that seems to happen all to frequently to me) and so I couldn’t tear my butt out of bed until after 10am.  Grr.  And then, hubby said he got paid, so we decided to do some grocery shopping, since our cupboards were getting pretty spare.  

Well, this threw off my nicely created schedule straight off!  But that’s okay. I recovered.  On our way home we went for a walk at Nadaka Park and I took some pictures.  Then I came home and knocked a couple of chores off my chore list.  After that, I read 70+ pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I read more than 70 pages because I got sucked into it!  But that’s okay.  It wasn’t one of my film books, but I’ve got a whole month, so I suspect I’ll get them read soon enough.  All that was left was writing my 1000 words.  I’m working on that as I type this blog post up….


  1. good point - scheduling those changes1!! but also, allowing for flexiblity in yhour schedule when shit happens (because it always does), definitely helps in the overall approach. you've got a greatg attitude, and i suspect you'll do quite well in meeting your challenges...

    (although, of the people i do know who have attempted or accomplished the nano challenge, that was the only thing they did that month lol, so dont bite off more than you can chew!)

    maybe part of the trick is sorty of a system of complementary challenges; walking is a great exercise to clear your head, a great way to make your brain more efficient (whether your studying for school or trying to write 1000 words a day), so those two do complement each other. as well as the reading challenge; that may give you more ideas or inspiration for your writing.

    now while cleaning is good, once yhou start digging into a mess, its hard to walk away from it - and b4 you know it its 10pm and too late to run the vacuum anyway lol. what i'm saying is.. work hard on that challenge this month so its out of your way next month and you can focus on nano, thats my suggestion! ;p

  2. Yes, your advice in your last paragraph is very much spot on! I get so focused on stuff that I lose track of time. Better to get that cleaning and organization stuff out of the way so I can have more time for writing next month!