Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Love TED Talks!

I always learn so much from them. This one, in particular, is very short, but it's brevity in no way means it's any less inspirational! I'm going to do it. Now to just figure out what I want to do for my 30 day experiment... I'll let you know what I decide and I'll blog about it! If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. OH! And if you want to do a 30 day experiment with me, that would be awesome. Like, say, taking an example from the speaker, we do a photograph a day. We could share our photos each day! What fun!


  1. i might take you up on that sorta - maybe every few days though, my internet usage has been a little spotty of late... oh this is sara btw, idk if i'm signed in on here...

  2. Cool! I've been thinking of doing a number of things.

    1) A photo a day.
    2) Writing 1000 words a day (nice way to work my way up to NaNoWriMo, since I attempted it last year and failed miserably)
    3) Do one chore each day I don't normally do (house will be spotless and organized in no time)
    4) Go for a walk each day
    5) Read 60 pages a day in books (I've got a ton of unread books, so I should start reading them)

    Any suggestions for other things?

  3. hmmm. good challenges, but let me add to them a little -

    1 - not just taking a photo a day, but actually uploading it - something i really suck at lol.

    2 - i was considering doing the nanowrimo a couple of years ago - only i write nonfiction - but figured i couldnt really get all the factchecking done in that one month lol. its 50k words, right? either way, i couldnt do it with this craptastic keyboard from hell. but good luck to you though, what are you writing about? i have a lot of respect for any writer that can pull that off.

    3 - if you're looking to clean up and organize the house/ challenge yourself to get rid of stuff you guys havent used in the last year. with kids esp its so easy to accumulate so much stuff - since coming back from our trip, i focus on one spot, then the next, then the next. one day it was the shelves in the hallway, a couple days later, it was my hutch, a couple days later it was jimmys toys, and so on and so on. we've sent load after load either next door to the kids at the apartments or over to goodwill, feels great to get rid of stuff you dont need and makes it easiedr to organize.

    4 - great plan, thats something i gotta work on too.

    5 - another great plan, something i should try once i get my eyes checked again. i've gotten sooo spoiled with reading online - i just make the font bigger if it bothers my eyes. cant do that with a book - now it bothers my eyes to read a normal book! :(

    oh and of course its me again. hiya, hope this monday aint treating you too badly!

  4. i guess what i would add to 5 is to read a book with your kids each day - we watch shows together, why not read some adventure book together/ its something i realized we dont do, and my older daughter has been really resistant to trying new books (besides her comic books), so rather than assign her the next book, i will read it together with her and jamie (and myabe jimmy if hes interested)

  5. so my list;

    1 - read a book each day with the kids (i'll need their help anyway since i cant just make the font bigger lol)

    2 - get some exercise in; get back to keeping a daily food journal on that calorie calculator site.

    3 - keep my cleaning project up ( gotta tackle the areas that keep attracting dust b4 winter + dust = makes me sick all the time)

    4 - start studying for the tax prep test each day

    5 - make at least one or more ornaments per day

    6 - and at least take one pic a day of my kids that keep growing more and more when i'm not looking (even if i dont take the time to post them every day - one computer between 5 people means i dont always get a chance to use the damn thing ) how about this - instead of posting one every day, i'll post one every week. thats more doable, gotta be realistic in my goals! ;p

  6. For my #2, my 1000 words is being divided between several projects. I might break it up between projects, as in a couple of hundred words here, 500 words there, etc. or do all 1000 words in one project. My projects consist of my blog, my vampire script, my novel that I'm working on with my husband, and my script that is based on the novel.

    I totally agree with you about my #3. On my list of tasks that I've got is cleaning out the cupboards, organizing the shelves and organizing all the drawers in the house. Of course, it's broken up into bite size pieces, all so I can do a reasonable chunk each day. Like organize the washer/dryer closet, organize the coat closet, organize the kitchen cupboards, etc. are all separate line items. I can do each on in an hour or less each day! But by the end of the month, the house should be in fab shape.

    As for your goals, sounds like you've bitten a LOT off (as if I haven't, lol!). Your #2 is a time consuming one. Daily food journals (especially if you are breaking down for calorie vs carb/fat/protein contents) are time consuming. Make sure you schedule that in! Your #5--what kind of ornaments are you making? Are they Christmas gifts? That's cool! I might try to do something like that for my NEXT 30 day assignment.


    actually this site makes it real easy to keep track of your food, just a few minutes each meal time. if i take a break from the computer for more than a day at a time then its sometimes hard to get back in the habit. it figures out your calories, and things like how much calcium and potassium you consumed that day. you can also keep track of your activities and compare energy consumed to energy spent each day.

    its not 100% accurate, esp since we eat more homecooked then boxed meals, so i look for something somewhat equivalent on there (like i list the olive gardens pasta fazool - its similar to jims, except his tastes much better and probably has less preservatives), in fact i just automatically assume that my sodium count is much lower than the calorie counter tells me it is!

    i've been trying to work out how to fit in #1 - if we do it every day, then maybe only 20 min or so, right b4 bed. anymore than that will be tough to do w/the kids homework schedule.

    as for the cleaning project (and this doesnt include reg cleaning like dishes or whatever, thats gets done no matter what) i'm taking it off the list because its not gonna be a daily goal. more like 3x's a week goal, depending on the kids time off from school. i already got the bulk of my project done over the last couple months, so i can cut back a bit - and really kick #4 and #5 into high gear.

    i'm trying to make enough ornaments to sell, dee got me into beading ornaments. i've been designing them the past month or so, now its time to start mass producing lol. thats one of the things i need to take pics of - thought maybe i'd give etsy a shot. maybe those will be the first pics i try to upload lol... once i get 'em on here i'll send you a link! ;p

    again good luck with the script and the novel. my attempt at writing every day failed miserably when i got distracted just a few days into the project. i had a little blog over on livejournal and i would tackle different econ subjects each day. so one day i would explain the concepts of cdo's and how they helped bring about the crash in 2008, another day i would explain how we finance mortgages, i would tackle some econ history one day, some econ concepts another day. great way to truly understand soemthing is to teach it to someone else, right? some of my flisters were from the usa, some from europe, some from australia and other places. so i had to keep my audience in mind when i wrote. it was a great plan, but i get distracted easily unfortunately. maybe after the holidays i'll pick it up again... being able to explain what youre thinking is a very important skill, and one i dont get to spend much time developing unfortunately.

  8. Whoa. Just whoa. Where has that site you linked BEEN all my life? That is friggin' awesome! Back when I was doing the whole food breakdown thing, I couldn't find any sites like that except ones you had to pay for, and I couldn't afford that. So I did it all by hand. This blows my mind. Yay!

    Working on the writing, though. It's a struggle every day. Sigh.