Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rejection Letter

I received my very first rejection letter today.  I'm pretty excited, because I've never submitted anything to a paying publication before.  So, this was my first submission, and I received a response back in only five days.  The website said it could take two months.  In addition, the email note was a personalized one, and not a form email.  Score!

I thought I would be bummed out by a rejection letter, but I found instead that I was pretty jazzed and smiling about it.  What weirdo smiles and gets excited about being rejected?  Well, apparently that weirdo would be me.  Two reasons:  1) The note was personalized and it was a mix of positive and negative, so that's something.  It reinforces my notion that I can write, but what I wrote just wasn't for them.  2) It's a start.  Every writer has to start somewhere! 

And so my efforts to be "officially" published begins...

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