Sunday, June 26, 2011

When Willow Used to Be a Mermaid

Willow, back in 2007.  She still looks just as devious.  :)
I used to tell Willow when she was little that she was a mermaid because she was born underwater (I gave birth to her in our dining room in an aquadoula) and that she had an invisible tail. She was afraid of sharks but I told her that mermaids have nothing to worry about because if a shark gets too close, she can just bop him on the nose with her tail fin. 

Anyway, she became slightly obsessed with sharks. Any body of water, she had to know if there were sharks in it. The Willamette River gets fairly shallow in spots and we could be at one of those where we can see all the rocks and whatnot in the water, and yet she would ask me if there were sharks in the river. I would say, "Oh, sure." And she would ask me, "How big are they?" And I would say, "As big as Grampa's car." Which was completely impossible--one, it wasn't the ocean, and two, the river couldn't possibly have a giant-ass shark as big as a '67 Buick Skylark in it when the water only went up to my knees. And she would look around for the sharks and declare they better not come around her or she would whack them with her tail. It was hilarious. 

I did get my comeuppance, though. We were at a pool, and I was chasing her in the water and I had one elbow raised up out of the water to make my arm look like a fin and I was doing the dum-dum dum-dum Jaws theme music and she kicked me in the face. I asked her what she did that for, and she said that she was using her invisible tail to whack the shark in the nose. I couldn't get too mad. I admit it. I deserved that!

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