Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Little Girl is Growing Up

Feb 18

Last night I was play-cuddling with Willow (play-cuddling=cuddling, tickling, boozles and wedgies and noogies and fun) and out of the blue she stops playing and says, "I'm gonna miss this." I say, "Miss what?" And she answers, "Play cuddling with you. When I get older and I don't do it anymore. I'll miss it."

Nearly broke my heart. I'm going to miss it, too. David was about 12 before he stopped holding my hand and doing other PDA's and play cuddling with me. Hopefully I still have a few more years left with Willow.

I think it is amazing, though, that she has the presence of mind to consider what things will be like when she gets older. She understands that some things change and that she won't always be doing the things she loves to do as a kid. She wants to grow up, but she also knows that there is a price to growing up. Makes me wanna cry...

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